Listen to Southern Land

The picture of the lake is Lake Matheson on the West Coast of the South Island. Famous for its reflections and best viewed in early morning before the wind sends ripples across the water. This picture was taken before 7am. The South Island has long days in the summer.

The second picture is a waterfall we came across in the Catlins. The Catlins is an area on the far south-east coast of the South Island of New Zealand.  The bird chorus at dawn in the Catlins is so loud it’s impossible to sleep. And it’s a magical sound to be wakened by.  The Catlins is one of the places in New Zealand that give you an idea of what the whole country was like before people came to live here. We shared our campground with a sealion who enjoyed sleeping in the shade of the trees.  Not far away we watched Yellow Eyed Penguins come ashore and greet their partners after a day’s fishing.  It’s unspoilt so lets keep it a secret.

Listen to music from my CD Maui’s Whale
Mauis Whale cover

Or listen to my first CD CD Cover

Between Two Lines

Watch my band, Unresolved as…! playing The Roseville Fair at The Mussel Inn, Golden Bay, NZ

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  1. Lovely. Reminds me of a small-town girl you used to know who remembers you very fondly.

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