Maui’s Whale released on 7 June 2014

Mauis Whale cover

Maui’s Whale is a collection of songs that I’ve enjoyed composing over the last few years. Several have been written since I’ve settled back in God’s Own Country. Maui’s Whale comes from the legend of the North Island of New Zealand being fished up by Maui. Jude Madill, who designed the CD cover, created a wonderful image which captures the idea of the North Island as a large fish.

Poor Lazarusnothing but his bones around here

The Plimmerton Waltz paradise found

Honey I’ve Been Thinking the colours of the rainbow, the colours of my tears

Maui’s Whale riding Maui’s Whale from the head to the tail

Flying to St Thomas fly like a migrating bird, out from the winter wind and the rain

The Dancer the ocean of her echos in my mind

Every Creaturea soul lives on

So Many Peoplesearching for the saving grail

At Least Until Eternitydid Jesus play his guitar gently weeping?

Memory and Longingbeyond language

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