Nothin’ at All

Nothin’ at All

Been so long without you Babe, know just what to do
Make my breakfast every day, get to work on time
Forget about our yesterdays, make out I’m doing fine
Watch TV every evening, go out Friday night

Still it stays in my mind how you stood at the door
How you said I didn’t have to go away
And the sadness in your face was the last thing I ever saw
It’s still with me anyway, the way you cried that day

And a shadow’s crossed my heart like a cloud above the sea
My tears are tides that roll on the shore
My friends say that’s the way it’s gonna have to be
But does it have to be this way forever, evermore?

Walked down Jervois Road and bought a pack of cigarettes
Went back to my room, stared at the wall
I thought of you, all those things we used to do
But there’s nothin’ left for love to touch. No, nothin’ at all

And a shadow’s crossed my heart
And a shadow’s crossed my heart

Copyright Niels Gedge August 1992
Niels Gedge lead vocals, Delft baritone guitar
Marian Price-Carter, vocals, clarinet

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