Waikareiti – is a tiny lake that sits above Lake Waikaremoana in the Ureweras on the East Coast of New Zealand.

It’s remote and takes a bit of travelling to get there. You’ll find it at the far end of several kilometres of unsealed road and then you walk and climb the last few kilometres – but as you can see it’s a truly beautiful place.
In the background of this song you’ll hear a haunting karanga – a Maori welcome calling you forward as an honoured guest to visit this place. I wanted to include a karanga as a fitting acknowledgement that this is a special place to the Tuhoe people – the People of the Mist. A wonderful friend organised and sang this introduction as a fitting acknowledgement. Waikareiti has a special place in my heart.

I’ve been driving on a gravel road past the hills and through the bends
To this lonesome lake I love where the forest never ends
And my heart went out on a journey
My heart took a track of its own,

I walk up to the waiting lake. Once I took you there
I can hear the fat kereru fly, crash-landing somewhere
And I recall you laughed so suddenly
My heart just sank like a stone

The echoes of your laughter, they’re still here
The echoes of your laughter, I can hear them everywhere

Time has etched and shaped this silent place, now it waits so calm and still
Life has left its mark upon my face – time is gentle, time is cruel
And the seasons move so slowly
The seasons have no end

Copyright Niels Gedge, March 2002
Karanga Copyright Amanda O’Connor
Niels Gedge lead vocals, guitar
Amanda O’Connor, karanga, vocals
Marian Price-Carter, vocals

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