The sun is setting west of the harbour
Laying sheets of gold on the sea
A lone bird cries above the still water
Tracing circles in my memory

Today I’d say that I could walk on water
Laugh in the mirror of the sea

Out to the east, the islands wait forever
Rangitoto sleeps on the waves
The dark volcano heaves out a shoulder
This is the place I’ll spend my days

And you lay sleeping in the car
While I measured distances from shore to shore

The boats have come in, they tug at their moorings
And time is a current that moves constantly
Down here on the beach, I’d swear that my life is
A note in a bottle drifting away

Copyright Niels Gedge August 1992
Niels Gedge, lead vocals, guitar
Helen Dorothy, vocals
Amanda O’Connor, flute
George Barris, bass

Photo: Sun behind the clouds over North Head at the entrance to Waitemata Harbour. Photo by: Darren, 2002

One thought on “Waitemata

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