When I’m With You

When I’m with you my heart is at rest
When I touch you I don’t feel the lows
When I hold you I give you of my best
When you take your leaving, only God knows

I remember the curve of your mouth
I recall Love’s shining eyes
I still hear the pain in your words
I still feel the grace of your touch on my arm.

Are you still walking down a lonesome path?
Are you talking to none who can hear?
Love goes with you to the corners of the earth
No matter how far, I’ll always be near

Do you hear me calling in the valley where you live?
Do you hear my heart speak, through the mist and the rain?
Will you ever find me and all that I can give?
Will I ever hold you in my arms again?

Copyright Niels Gedge, November 1993, revised 2002
Niels Gedge lead vocals, Delft baritone guitar
Marian Price-Carter, vocals
Fiona Smythe, violin
Jesse Rivest, tremolo reverb guitar

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